Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photo Of The Day

I am addicted to several photography sites. One that I just joined is called Its a photo of the day site. I have already gotten 2 POTDS on that site and have only submitted 4 photos!!! Its so nice to be able to go to a site and see that someone has choosen my work and there it is on the front page.....It means so much to me to be choosen. I am very grateful and it gives me such confidence in my work!!

Here is todays POTD! This is one of my FAVS of my daughter, Kinley!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sundays Shoot

This Sunday I will have the opportunity to shoot a wonderful family. I was the photographer the mom decided to use when Colton, the baby was born. Hes now 1. Its so nice to be able to watch children grow year after year. Thank You Jay and Suzanne for allowing me to photography your wonderful family!!!
This photo is Little Colton at his first photo shoot. I cant wait to post photos from Sundays shoot!

Love you guys!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Favorite New Prop

My Newest Prop

Today I will start this blog. I want my friends and family to be able to keep up with my work and accomplishments....... I dont know that I will post everyday, but I will do my best.

This week I was lucky enough to come across an ad where a lady was giving away an arm chair. I was looking for one to add to my evergrowing props. I called her and she said come pick it up. I was sooo excited! I didnt really care what color, print or even what shape it was in, I just wanted one. I got there to pick and up and man was I LOVE with it!!!! ITS GORGEOUS! When we got home, it was too dark for photos, but the next day Kinley and I made sure to have a photo shoot with my new chair. I think it turned out great in these photos.......
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