Friday, February 27, 2009

I am almost DIVORCED!

Oh dear Lord help!

Yesturday my brother called me asking if Kinley wanted a 5 week old Jack Russel Puppy. My first thought was awwwww how sweet, yes she can have him. But then I remembered that Hazie said if I bring one more animal to our house, he will divorce me.....LOL! For those of you who really know me, I am a sucker for any animal that needs a home. NO MATTER WHAT KIND IT IS....... So I told Clint No. Well his response was, I am on the way and will be there in 15 minutes. Oh Man I said. Get here before Hazie gets home and I can make up a lie that he MIGHT just believe.....hehe!

Well, Clint gets here and Kinley falls in love right away, the puppy licked her face and she said " MOM SHE LOVES ME".......How in the heck could I say NO.

So we kept her. Kinley came in for a bath, I out the puppy which is SUPER tiny in a basket with a sweater and I here Hazie pull up in the yard.......Well As soon as Kinley hears him come in the door, she hollers from the bathroom.........."Daddy Look what Uncle Clint brought me, shes in the basket"........HAHA! I start sweating and imediatley he says if its something we have to feed you better find him a home.

Well, needless to say he has not spoken to me since and Boy is he MAD......LOL!

But Kinley sure is happy so I guess thats all that matters right???

Do any of you have an extra bed for me, Kinley and her new puppy AnnaBelle????

Friday, February 20, 2009

Operation: Love Reunited

I am so excited!! I got an email this morning from Operation: Love Reunited. Its an oraganization of Professional Photographers providing FREE photo session for Military Families Pre-Deployment. I feel like this is the one way I can show our military men and woman how much I appreciate them. I cant wait to work with my first family......If you know of a family, please let them know about this wonderful organization.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Playing Cowboy

Yesturday we spent the day Playing Cowboy. We had to move our cows from a field here on the farm to a field down the road. When we fed them to get them in the pen, I saw the perfect photo op. I sent Lane inside for my camera and captured Kinley doing what she loves.....Feeding our cows. Of course, then she started posing when she saw i had the camera.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Littlest Heroes Project

I just found out today that my application for The Littlest Heroes Project was accepted for North Central Florida. I am so excited about this. I hope to soon be able to provide a wonderful family with beautiful portraits of their child and family.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sundays Photo Shoot

I had a shoot yesturday afternoon by the river. It was so nice. The river is such a perfect place to relax and wind down. I just wanted to stay there and do nothing.....
I got several really nice shots of the couple. They were great sports about the whole thing. I think I might take Kinley and Lane down there soon to get some new photos for my wall.
Here is one of my FAV shots from the day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

JPG Magazine

I entered my first photo on today.....

One of those day......

Kinley was sick all day yesturday! I guess she got some stomach bug....YUCK! I spent all day washing blankets, towels, rugs, clothes, couch cushions....pretty much everything in the house. Bless her heart, she cant keep anything down and I am run ragged!!!! I pray that God will take this mess away and not let anybody else in the house get it!! I sure hope that tomorrow is a better day for us both!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My new Logo

I just wanted to share my new logo with everyone......Thanks Laurel for referring Gina. Shes awesome. I just love it and I cant wait to use it!

Thanks Gina and Peahead Prints for your hard work and for knowing exacty what I had in mind.

Hunter & Colton

Yesturday I had the privilege to photograph my nephew, Hunter and his little brother Colton. I was able to do Coltons new born shots and here he is already 1 year old......Here are 2 of my Fav shots from the day. Thanks Jay & Suzanne for allowing me to spend the time with these 2 wonderful boys!
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