Monday, March 9, 2009

Suwannee Valleys Cutest Kid

Do you think your child is the cutest?? Or know of someone who has a cute kid?

We are looking for boys and girls between the ages of 1-6 to be featured in our upcoming ad campaigns.

On Saturday, May 2nd we will be holding a photo shoot at the Tommy Usher Pineland Forest In Chiefland.You must sign up BEFORE April 25th. Each entry is $5.00 and will be provided with a 5 minute photo shoot. The head shots will be judged on beauty alone, so there is not need to get all dressed up. Casual clothes are perfect!
Every child entered will remain in our data base and each ad campaign will feature a different child from those head shots.
The Cutest Kid will be judged by a panel of photographers.
The first place child will be featured in our Summer Campaign, will receive a FREE photo shoot and 2 5x7 along with 15% off all prints.
Runners up will receive savings as well.
Please feel free to call with any questions and to pick your time slot

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our New puppy, Anna Belle

Well, its been almost a week now and Hazie has came around. I caught him holding Anna Belle when I got out of the shower the other day.....I knew it wouldnt be long before he fall in love with her like we have. Kinley just adores her. She has been dressing her up in baby doll clothes, pushing her in a baby stroller and even trying to feed her a baby bottle.....And Anna Belle lets
Just thought I would post a pic so you could see just how sweet she is............
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