Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby E

I know that when I started this blog, I promised myself that I would keep up with it. WOW! I was so wrong...Its been MONTHS since I have entered anything....
You have NO idea how busy I have been. Working on My Charity Hairbows For Hackleburg, Spending time with my kids while school is out, and my photography. I am once again slacking in the blog department. SO I AM SORRY!
This post will be short and sweet because I have so many things to do today!

A few weeks ago I got to visit Baby E and his amazing parents.I just Have got to share a few of his pics with you.

What a little chunk he is. A gorgeous little fella with the biggest cheeks ever. Oh gosh I just wanted to squeeze him. Have a look at these pics, I am sure you will agree.
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