Monday, January 23, 2012

Gorgeous Little JC

The best part of my job is just being able to meet so many gorgeous and amazing children. They totally make me laugh.

I really enjoy getting to know each and every child. They are their own little person, they know what the like, what they want and what they want to be when they grow up.

They are not always happy at first, but after a little bit of playing, goofing off and rolling around on the ground, I become their friend, not just their photographer.
It always makes me happy to know that I made new friends during each session.

Talk about personality, WOW they sure have big ones! They say the darndest things and attitudes, yep they have those too.

Last week I photographed Mr. JC for his 4th Birthday.
He is in Preschool, Loves super heros and enjoys being on the river.
He must have been good last year because Santa sure brought him LOTS of great toys and goodies.
He loves riding the 4 wheeler while shooting nerf guns at his dad.
He enjoys his new bounce house.( Letting me know right away that I am too big for it).
And he is a Little Flirt!!
I had so much fun with him......
Here are a few of my FAV images!! I hope you enjoy them!


EmilyFisher said...

He also likes to scrubbbb the ground:) Amanda you did an amazing job with JC! I appreciate making his 4th birthday so memorable!

A Cannon Photography said...

LOL!! He is a HAM Emily thats for sure....You guys have taught him WELL....haha

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