Thursday, July 19, 2012


Yesterday our community got to experience something that no community should ever have to deal with. The body of Us Soldier Clarence Williams III was brought home via escort from McDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fl. Along the route men, women and children in many towns stood beside the road with flags flying, Saluting, and honoring this American Hero. For miles along the 2 hours path people paid their respects as Americans in THANKS for all he had done while serving our country! I was very honored to be a part of this AMAZING HOMECOMING! I am PROUD to be an American, THANKFUL for our Military and all they do. No Soldier should have to come home this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are a few images from our experience. The Horse Of The Fallen Soldier Images say it all............ RIP Clarence Williams III 12/27/1988-07/08/2012

Miss Alexis

Once again today I got to start my day loving on a little gift from God. Miss Alexis was the perfect little lady during her session. She sleep the entire time, just waking long enough to eat and get some groceries. I am seriously Loving all the new babies I have had the chance to meet lately!! I have the best job in the world and I would not trade it for ANYTHING.............. Here are a few of my FAVS from her session this morning. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Newborn Cuteness

Oh My Gracious Goodness Alive! Yesterday I had the chance to photograph 2 newborns. Man what a long day! The first was Miss Laila 1 week old. A gorgeous little angel with the sweetest brothers and sister. She is one lucky girl to have so many little ones to help watch over her. Second was Mr. Brick. The cutest little man you ever want to see. He has 4 big sisters who will no doubt teach him how to be Love! Neither one of them were easy. They were both awake for what seemed like forever. At 1 week old, newborn eyes cant focus so with them being awake, I just got some candid shots!! Nothing worth really posting here. Anyway, I just wanted to share my FAVS from both sessions. If you are interested in a newborn session please let me know. My session fee is $125.00 for up to 4 hours (cause sometimes it takes that long). I will come to your home so you and your baby are comfy....... Let me know what you think about these cuties!!
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